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                             Individualized, Customized Learning Plans

Private lessons offer a tailor-made course designed especially for the needs and requirements of the student.  Click on FAQs to see how flexible lesson schedules can be.

Private lessons are especially useful for:

enjoying more communication with your Japanese life partner, children and the         family members and/or business partners, associates and clients

   あなたの日本人のライフ・パートナ ーや子どもたちや家族と、またはビジネス・


・improving your current language skills at your own pace

・preparing for standardized tests such as 日本語能力試験 a.k.a. JLPT (Japanese    

   Language Proficiency Test) and/or ビジネス日本語検定 a.k.a BJT.     

・enhancing social and cultural understanding

・targeting specific situations such as relocation to Tokyo or the need to learn   

   industrial terminology.


   The instructor, Ms. Keiko Shintani, has a rich background covering all

   aspects of Japanese language and culture.  She has had 38 years of

   experience running a bi-lingual business and outstanding success as

   a Japanese teacher in New York City.  She easily transitions between

   Japanese and English if a student’s level or the circumstances of each

   session require it.  

   See also "Testimonials" and "About JALF" (sub page under "HOME").                                                                                                                                         



For more information, please send me a note.  I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Request a free 30-minute consultation

A no-charge 30-minute introductory meeting Online will be scheduled to discuss your goals and needs and other session-related information.

To schedule a session, please use the form on the left, or call/text Keiko at (914) 434-1690.

*When you send her a message using the box on the left, please make sure to save her E-mail address: 

info@japanesewithkeiko.comso that her reply mail won't go into your Junk mail box.

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 Uptown West, New York, NY, USA 

 (914)434-1690   E-mail:                                

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