No matter where you are

 —at home, in the office, even traveling—

                  professional guidance is just keystrokes away! 



           • Japanese language leaners who want to study at their own pace
           • business professionals preparing for a trip to Japan, a business meeting or a new job

           • individuals who need translation assistance
           • those who must learn about Japanese culture or customs-- immediately


Internet Platform

             The recommended Internet Platform is Zoom. Once the first lesson(or 30-minute free                           consultation) is scheduled, JALF will email you the link. Before your first session, please

           download Zoom on your PC or tablet if possible. Mobile devices make it hard for you to

           see the screen sharing I will be doing as I walk you through the session.             

           Once the first session is scheduled, JALF will email you the link. 

                            Type of Sessions                            

     •The minimum session is 15 minutes(for $15). 

    •For those who schedule lessons on a regular basis, the recommended length for a lesson

             is 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours.

           •Correction of homework assignments will be provided and they will be corrected before the                    next lesson free of charge.  Submitting homework assignments 24 hours before the lesson will              help Keiko be well prepared for your lesson and help you use your lesson time most efficiently.



           Every session must end at the time that is initially set.  Extensions can be given if you agree to               pay for the extra time.  A minimum of $15 will be charged for every 15 minutes that goes over

           the time.    

           As the lesson is nearing its scheduled end, please let Keiko know if you’d like to extend it. If                   the instructor starts your session late due to technical issues (which seldom occurs), of course,               the lost time will be made up by the instructor.                             

      Method of Payment

                      Online Sessions may be paid for by Bank to Bank Quick Pay(Zelle) or PayPal, and must be paid                 no later than one-day before the session.

                  Cancellation Policy             

*Click on FAQs to read the Cancellation Policy.

Request a free 30-minute consultation

A no-charge 30-minute introductory meeting online will be scheduled 

to discuss your goals and needs and other session-related .

To schedule a session, please use the form below, or call/text Keiko                                                        at (914) 434-1690.

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Testimonial/生徒の声(Seito no Koe)


I have known Keiko-sensei for many years. We had lessons over Skype, as well as in person, and class times were very flexible. Her teaching has always been professional and great! All lessons were comfortable and informative, not only learning the language but cultural aspects as well. We had lessons over Skype, and If there were ever any loses in connection, classes were extended or make up times set. I would recommend Keiko-sensei to anyone wanting to learn the Japanese language and culture!

Vinny P. in Texas

Network Engineer (posted on March, 2018)

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