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About Japan-America Language Forum aka JALF

JALF is a private learning center located in midtown Manhattan which welcomes people interested in studying Japanese at all levels and gaining a deeper knowledge of Japanese culture and society.  It was founded by Keiko Shintani in 1989 as a bi-lingual language school and today focuses on the study of Japanese, offering private lessons tailored to the needs of students who wish to study at their own pace. In addition to a full program of classroom lessons, Ms. Shintani also strives to provide students with the all-important opportunity to practice their skills in real-life settings, her goal being to give students of Japanese an ever expanding avenue for learning about Japan. Annually JALF sponsors numerous language exchange events where students and native speakers of Japanese can share insights about one another's language and culture through informal gatherings in venues around the city. To find out about course information and activities for students, see "FAQs", "Events for students""News & Tips" or click on the menu bar. 


For more information, feel free to call/text Keiko at (914)434-1690

E-mail:  or

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