新谷先生Shintani-sensei is the best teacher of Japanese language with whom I have studied. She focuses classes on topics of relevance to students, uses every moment as a teaching opportunity, and explains Japanese grammatical structures with great clarity. 

*Takes lessons Onsite & Online

David P. Janes,

Senior Adviser for Institutional Development Office of the President

OIST(Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University)

Keiko-sensei is an excellent Japanese language instructor. I take weekly private lessons with her and can now speak, read and write Japanese! She uses active learning methods focused on the needs and interests of her students. Highly recommended!

*Takes lessons both On-site & On-line

Dr. Robert M. Anderson

President, McDonald Anderson

Keiko-sensei is a wonderful teacher skilled at tailoring Japanese learning to her student's level and interests.  I have been taking lessons with her for three years now to keep up with the Japanese I learned while living in Japan, and feel very fortunate to have found her!  I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone interested in starting or continuing their journey with the Japanese language."

*Takes lesson Onsite & Online


 Kelly Nixon

 Program Director 

 US-Japan Leadership Program    United States-Japan Foundation

Keiko-Sensei is an exceptional Japanese language teacher. I have been studying with her for three years and it has been an incredible experience. She easily structures lessons to fit my personal needs and accommodate my extremely hectic and variable schedule. Keiko-sensei presents topics in a clear manner that makes it easy to pick up new and difficult concepts while maintaining a fun and stress free learning environment. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in studying the Japanese language.

*Takes lessons both On-site & On-line

Mike R., M.D.

As someone who has been fortunate to study with Keiko Shintani over many years, I consider her one of the finest Japanese language teachers I have encountered. What stood out for me in my earliest lessons--and which I feel freshly today--is her love for teaching, her love for Japanese, and her love for the study of language itself. Because of this, her lessons are a great good time, often full of humor and the thrill of appreciating the nuances, subtleties and complexities in grammar, sentence structure and idiomatic expressions. My Japanese language ability has improved immensely as I've studied with Keiko. With her encouragement and invaluable coaching, I was able to pass the top 2 levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in recent years. A consummate professional with vast knowledge of her field, she is dedicated to helping her students reach their unique goals and is imaginative and inventive in designing lessons to accomplish this. So importantly too, one feels Keiko respects each and every student for their desire to study Japanese and learn about a new culture and she is tireless in her efforts to have us succeed. At this point, it goes without saying that I heartily recommend JALF and Keiko Shintani to anyone interested in pursuing the study of Japanese at any level!  

*Takes lessons both On-site & On-line               


   Miriam Weiss

I have always been fascinated by the Japanese Language and Culture. I’ve tried the Rosetta Stone program but could not seem to find my footing or really immerse myself in the language. A friend introduced me to Keiko Sensei when she realized that I was trying to learn Japanese. I immediately took to Sensei and her direct manner. I feel like it was such a blessing. I was also going to graduate school so it was important to have a flexible schedule and Sensei understood and made sure my hectic schedule was accommodated. Private lessons with Keiko Sensei have given me a proper and strong base to learn Japanese. She always shares cultural tips and explains unfamiliar aspects of the Japanese culture. I have also been introduced to a wonderful group of professionals I now call friends during our JALF get-togethers. Sensei continues to give me all the tools I need to be a successful language learner. For anyone serious about learning the Japanese Language, I highly recommend Keiko Sensei.  

*Takes lesson Onsite & Online

  Ariane Ivala-Walker

  RNC-OB, MA, MS,                  Perinatal Network Manager

  Maternal Fetal Medicine

  North Shore University Hospital

I have studied Japanese with Keiko-sensei for seven years. Over that time, she has developed my Japanese language abilities from a near beginning level to a high degree of proficiency. Thanks to her individually tailored lessons, her attention to every detail, and her love of teaching and language, I can now converse easily with native Japanese speakers, navigate traveling in more remote areas of Japan, enjoy Japanese television in its original language, and keep up with Japanese news articles. Keiko-sensei is a truly wonderful and special teacher, and over these years has also become a dear friend.

*Takes lesson Onsite & Online

Brett H.

Keiko sensei possesses all the qualities of a great teacher: clarity, patience, persistence, as well as exceptional knowledge of her subject.

*Takes lesson Onsite & Online

Karen Odaira

I've studied with Keiko for close to ten years. She has helped me prepare for and pass JLPT exams, as well as prepare for university level study in Japan. As a native English speaker it's extremely important to work with a teacher who can clearly explain Japanese grammar which is quite different than English. Many language teachers are afraid to correct their students, but Keiko strikes a good balance of encouraging her students to communicate while keeping the accuracy of their language in check. If you truly want to master Japanese, I highly recommend working with Keiko.

 Jeanne Michaels

 Japanese teacher/adjunct, CUNY