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Q. How much is the tuition?

Online lessons, please see Online Lessons/オンライン レッスン.

*Please request an invoice if you need to submit it to your company.  

Q. What proficiency levels does the instructor teach?

A. With 39-years experience teaching adults and children in New York, Ms. Shintani customizes lessons for students at all levels of proficiency, ranging from the beginner with no background in Japanese all the way up to very advanced students.  Feel free to ask for a complimentary 30-minute consultation online.  

Q. How long is a lesson?

A. The minimum length of a lesson is 1 hour.  There is no maximum lesson length; however, the instructor generally recommends lessons of 1-hour or 1.5-hour duration.

Q. How often should I take lessons?

A. Having lessons regularly(once/twice a week) is ideal, however Keiko is well aware of her students’ busy lives and commitments and is flexible about scheduling and/or adjusting lesson appointments when at all possible.   

Q. Will I be charged for cancelling a lesson that is already scheduled?

A. Here is our simple Cancellation Policy: There is no charge if a request to cancel a lesson is made by 10 PM the day before the scheduled lesson.  Any cancellation requests made later than that cannot be honored and will be 50% charged. Timely requests for cancellation will aid the instructor in rescheduling your next lesson at a time most convenient for you.

Q. What kind of payment method is accepted?

A. We accept payment by check, PayPal or Zelle (Bank to bank quick pay via Zelle).  Credit cards are not accepted.  The fee for each lesson is payable in advance and must be received by the day before the scheduled lesson

Request a free 30-minute consultation

A no-charge 30-minute introductory meeting Online will be scheduled to discuss your goals and needs and other session-related information.

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