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Click "The List" for the list of Internet Dictionaries, Fun Apps, Movies/Anime/TV Dramas & Shows, YouTubes; whatever JALF director, Keiko would like to recommend Japanese learners to help them improve their skills.  Please visit this list on "News&Tips" page frequently as she constantly updates it.  

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September 08, 2019

Kiku 菊 Chrysanthemum: Japanese tradition

@NY Botanical Garden(NY植物園)

Friday, October 25, 2019 – Sunday, November 17, 2019

The chrysanthemum—kiku in Japanese— is the most celebrated of all Japanese fall-flowering plants. Meticulously trained kiku will be on view in the Nolen Greenhouse’s Bourke-Sullivan Display House. (Excerpt from NYBG's homepage)

日本の菊(きく)は、本当に美しいです。NYにいる方はお見逃し(お・みのが・し)なく!Japanese Kiku is truly beautiful.  Don't miss the exhibit if you will be in NY area.

September 08, 2019

Japanese shops near JALF  


Kinokuniya Bookstores on 6th Ave. bet. 41st&40th St.

BookOff (Secondhand Books, CDs, DVDs)

      on 45th St. bet. 6th & 5th Ave.

HQ Video (Buy or Rent Japanese DVDs)

         on 45th St. bet. 6th & 5th Ave.

Japanese Foods on 41st St. between 5th & Madison Ave.   

   Supermarket, Sunrise Mart

   Bakery/Obentoo, Cafe Zaiya

・Restaurant Ohtoya/大戸屋 on 141 41th St. bet. 6th Ave. & Broadway 

October 31, 2019

Japanese Ghosts/日本のお化け(Nihon no Obake), Monsters/妖怪(Yohkai)

Happy Halloween!

It's been for a while since Japanese people have adapted Halloween.  However the Japanese traditional "Ghost Story Season" is hot summer.  Why?  Imagine the old time they didn't have エアコン(eakon=a/c), not even 扇風機(senpuuki=electric fan).  Got the idea?  

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